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Default Re: The Joker sized elephant in the room

The Joker has to be mentioned, even just in passing for a second. It's just a simple logical conclusion of narrative. Even if it's for one second, one remark, it will happen. There's one entire movie that more or less focuses on him and his wave of terror, which granted in movie time is now "contained", but considering what we've been seeing with the jailbreak, Bane exposing Harvey Dent, etc, it is just straight up ridiculous to think that they won't at least once mention the significance of maintaining the Joker's incarceration. Bane exposing Dent especially will most likely bring up some mention of him between Batman and Gordon perhaps - it's what the whole TDK-ending soliloquy is based on. The kind of anxiety for Gordon/Batman trying to keep Joker contained is something that DOES exist in those characters' minds, or at least should. There would be a severe lapse in storytelling if he's not mentioned at least once. I mean what do you want to bet Rachel being mentioned? I'd say it's highly likely, but considering most fans really detest her character (let's be honest huh?), the Joker REALLY had a lot to do with Batman's development. The whole reason he'll be "underground" part of this movie is because of the Joker.

He'll be mentioned, just watch

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