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Default Re: The Joker sized elephant in the room

Originally Posted by El Payaso View Post
Wasn't he also behind bars at some point half movie into TDK?
He was only in the MCU for like 10 minutes, and only because it allowed him to get hold of Lau.

As far as Arkham goes, isn't Arkham out of commission?
  • At the end of Begins, Gordon says the Narrows is lost. Arkham's in the Narrows.
  • Melvin White, whichever Joker goon he was, had been in Arkham twice already. Point is he was on the loose as a goon in TDK, conceivably because Arkham is still out of commission
  • Blackgate is opened after TDK but before TDKR, most likely houses both regular inmates and Arkham-worthy crazies

Thus, it's not unexpected someone, ANYONE, would at some point be like "SH**!!!" about what the Joker's current status is

*btw, love that dude with the cig

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