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Default Re: The Joker sized elephant in the room

Originally Posted by jmc View Post
All of which we don't know the context of.
Oh come on. What possible conclusion can you arrive to from seeing Batman being chased by hordes of Cops after watching TDK?

Pictures paint a thousand words so no it's not impossible for the events of TDK to not play a part in driving Rises.
It's not? Batman being chased for murders he didn't commit could not be a significant plot in TDKR? You honestly believe that Nolan would sweep such a thing under the rug?

The only thing left unfinished is Batman being on the run which is comparable to the Joker card reveal in Begins.
Say what? Batman being handed a Joker card is the same as the batsignal being smashed and Batman being chased by Gordon's cops for several murders?

Your analogy doesn't even make any sense. The Joker card was a prelude to the Joker, who played a massive part in the sequel. The Joker card was not a left over plot point from anything in the main Begins plot.

I clearly meant the events weren't the driving narrative for the sequel's story. TDK works independently, Rises will more than likely be the same.
Because the events of Begins and the events of TDK are apples and oranges. There was nothing left over to deal with from the LOS plot in Begins apart from Crane still being on the loose.

TDK left Gotham thinking Batman killed their precious Harvey Dent and several other people. Gordon smashed the batsignal. Batman was seen being chased by a bunch of Cops.

You see TDKR going independently without addressing any of that in any significant way, even though we've seen them film a massive chase scene between Batman and the Cops, and Bane publicly ripping up photos of Dent?

I clearly give Nolan more credit than you do for telling a story.

The question is will joker be mentioned? My answer is: does it matter?
It's not going to ruin the movie by any stretch of the imagination if he's not. But would it be a nice touch? Absolutely.

Originally Posted by Mr.Clay View Post
As far as Arkham goes, isn't Arkham out of commission?

At the end of Begins, Gordon says the Narrows is lost. Arkham's in the Narrows.
It can't be. Dent mentioned Falcone still being in Arkham which is why Maroni stepped up to take over his empire.

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