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Default Re: The Joker sized elephant in the room

Originally Posted by sqwhale View Post
For me, to make it seem "real". If your city was shut down for a day last week by a maniac and covered by the news, would you forget him and never mention it? Alternatively, if you were a vigilante and fought a foe that helped kill the love of your life and destroy someone you admired, would you just forget him and never mention the situation you were put through?
First of all, nothing has mentioned that this takes place a week after TDK.
Second, in the REAL world people dont talk about famous killers everyday months after they were killed/caught. Example: Ghadaffi, Bin Laden
Third, just because something isnt mentioned doesnt mean they have forgotten it.
Fourth, these are Batman movies. They are not suposed to be "real".
Fifth, The Dark Knight didnt bring up Ra's or Chill. Did that movie feel less real because of it?
Sixth, and most important of all. Possibly the most important rule of writing. Everything in a movie has to have a reason for it to be there. Every line, every character, everything must have a point. Bringing up something that isnt relevant to whats happening in the movie with no point is, well pointless.

Even if it feels less real(which is not true) I rather it would be a little less real than Nolan adding pointless dialogue. When Batman is fighting Bane or having a romantic scene with Catwoman, not even you are gonna think 'why are they not talking about the Joker'.

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