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Default Re: The Joker sized elephant in the room

Originally Posted by Laderlappen View Post
Second, in the REAL world people dont talk about famous killers everyday months after they were killed/caught. Example: Ghadaffi, Bin Laden
This is not the real world. This is a sequel to a superhero movie where a fictional city called Gotham was turned upside down by a psychotic clown called the Joker.

Third, just because something isnt mentioned doesnt mean they have forgotten it.
Nobody said otherwise. The point being asked is will such a prominent villain who caused so much damage to Gotham and Batman be referenced.

Fourth, these are Batman movies. They are not suposed to be "real".
So why did you mention the real world and real life serial killers if the real world is not applicable here?

Fifth, The Dark Knight didnt bring up Ra's or Chill. Did that movie feel less real because of it?
Ra's and Chill didn't leave a lasting impact on Gotham. Gotham didn't know Ra's or the LOS existed. Everyone in Gotham knew and feared the Joker, even the underworld, who would rather get their ankles broken by Batman than cross Joker. Joker affected every area of Gotham. He was killing Cops, judges, he mutilated their beloved district attorney, blew up a hospital, took dozens of citizens hostage, caused a city wide evacuation, murdered Batman's best friend a love of his life, took over the underworld while killing several prominent mob bosses and burned half of their money etc. That's just the antics the people of Gotham know about. There's the whole mess with what he did in breaking Dent and leaving Batman to carry the can for Dent's actions as Two Face.

Sixth, and most important of all. Possibly the most important rule of writing. Everything in a movie has to have a reason for it to be there. Every line, every character, everything must have a point. Bringing up something that isnt relevant to whats happening in the movie with no point is, well pointless.
What on earth makes you think bringing up the Joker will have no relevance to something happening in the movie? For example can you not envision a scene where the whole business of Batman being a hunted criminal for several murders is being dealt with, and Batman mentions he had to take the fall for Dent because Joker would have succeeded in breaking Gotham? Can you not see him discussing the consequences of this with Gordon? Or Alfred? Maybe even confiding in Selina when she asks is he really a killer?

Then there's Bane. He obviously finds out about what happened to Dent if those pics of him standing in public and tearing up photos of Dent is anything to go by. How does he find out about what happened with Dent?

Even if it feels less real(which is not true) I rather it would be a little less real than Nolan adding pointless dialogue.
What makes you think it would be pointless? The legacy of the Joker's actions is going to live on in TDKR, or have you forgotten he's the reason why Batman had to take the blame for what Dent did? Can you really imagine talking about what happened to Dent and not mention the Joker, since he was the cause of it all?

When Batman is fighting Bane or having a romantic scene with Catwoman, not even you are gonna think 'why are they not talking about the Joker'.
Yeah, that's exactly the scenarios we are all imagining it happening in

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