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Default Re: The Joker sized elephant in the room

Originally Posted by GunRanger View Post
The fact that any part of Gotham was attacked by biological weapons is news, especially as wide as the League's attack was. They don't even mention how the train explosion, when it took down the track near Wayne Tower. Batman or Gordon should have been mentioned R'as or The League at least, especially since TDK is only 6 months later. Something like "with R'as it was different" or anything. It bugged me.
The League's attack wasn't wide. That's the point. The damage was contained on the Narrows. It was not a city wide event. It can't have been that bad either if Arkham was still up and running, which apparently it was when Dent mentioned Falcone still being in there during the courtroom scene in TDK.

The destruction of the train, hardly something that would pop up in conversation now is it? It's just a train. They can make another one.

Gordon and Gotham didn't know about the League or Ra's. Do we ever see Batman mention them by name to Gordon?

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And I can't be stuffed replying to it.
I'm sure I'll manage to live with that

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