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Default Re: The Joker sized elephant in the room

Originally Posted by GunRanger View Post
The fact that any part of Gotham was attacked by biological weapons is news, especially as wide as the League's attack was. They don't even mention how the train explosion, when it took down the track near Wayne Tower. Batman or Gordon should have been mentioned R'as or The League at least, especially since TDK is only 6 months later. Something like "with R'as it was different" or anything. It bugged me.

Well, as it was mentioned before, the only one who knew about Ra's was Batman, so why would he mention him to anyone, still...

Bruce: "Criminals aren't complicated Alfred, we just to to figure what he's after..."

Repeating his old mentor's teachings, that's all the acknowledge I need to see; anything more than that wouldn't have served the story and would have been nothing but fan service...I can totally live without that.


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