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Default Re: The Joker sized elephant in the room

Originally Posted by PSYLENTGuardian View Post
I don't see how a "Joker sized elephant" has anything to do with the Joker having a reference in TDKR.

Can someone please fill me in?
Do you mean about why Joker being referenced in TDKR, or are you not understanding the use of the term "Joker-sized elephant"?

If it's the latter then I'll try to clear it up. "There's an elephant in the room" is a classic saying that people use. It's used when there is an issue, or a topic, or something of importance that is not being addressed directly as it should be. Imagine if you will that you were in room with other people and there was an elephant standing somewhere in the room. Now imagine that everyone except you completely ignored the elephant. That's kinda the point behind the saying.

Or for a more news-relevant example let's say I pulled a Coach Sandusky and molested a few teenage boys, and let's say you pulled a Penn State athletic department and completely tip-toed around the issue. Well in that case someone could see our situation and use the "elephant in the room" saying. Like "Hey Penn State athletic department, while we're sitting here discussion conference re-allignment, why don't we address the elephant in the room. That of course being what to do about that garbage human being Sandusky".

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