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Default Re: The Action Scenes

Originally Posted by captainrogers View Post
Yeah, Spidey's strength is measured in tons. I think he's usually able to lift about 10 tons (maybe 20, now?) but I always gravitated to Cap, because of his ability to regularly hang with and defeat allies/foes who are stronger.
Very true but let's not forget that Spider-Man defeats stronger foes on a regular basis as well, like Rhino, Sandman, Venom, Lizard etc.

Originally Posted by <(o_o)> View Post
You never really get a sense of Cap's true strength in the movie only that he is able to throw men around like a sack of potatoes.
I thought Cap's strength was portrayed more accurately than Iron Man, Thor and Hulk's (TIH), he punched out the window of a subarine and threw a guy like 15 feet while he was underwater.

He looked almost superhuman but not quite there which is exactly how Captain America should be portrayed.

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