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Default Re: The Action Scenes

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
Very true but let's not forget that Spider-Man defeats stronger foes on a regular basis as well, like Rhino, Sandman, Venom, Lizard etc.

I thought Cap's strength was portrayed more accurately than Iron Man, Thor and Hulk's (TIH), he punched out the window of a subarine and threw a guy like 15 feet while he was underwater.

He looked almost superhuman but not quite there which is exactly how Captain America should be portrayed.
I agree about Cap's strength level in the film, it was well portrayed. Iron Man is hard to pin down since he varies depending on what suit he's using and how much power he has available. I thought the strength level of the Mark 1 armor was pretty accurate(basically about 2x Cap's strength). Hulk also varies and Thor is someone in control of his abilities so unless he has the need to perform some grandiose strength feat he'll likely not do it.

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