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I'll be talking about my ideas for a Transformers reboot. First of all, the movie would be another reboot of the Transformers franchise but instead of bringing in new human characters once again, I would
keep the original G1 humans: Spike (Sam) Witwicky, Carly Spencer, Chip (I dunno, maybe an actual name like Chris or something.)
Chase, and Sparkplug (Ron) Witwicky. As for the Transformers themselves, I was thinking of tying their history into ours much like the previous live-action films and Transformers: Prime. I would have five main Autobots and five main Decepticons although in the latter's case, there would be much more in the first film.

Now I'll move on to the story: The Autobots have remained a goverment secret for over a century when an Autobot scout ship crashes in Roswell, New Mexico. The story is set in motion when Megatron makes his threat clear and prepares an attack on Earth's major cities, most notably, New York. The 5 Autobots who take sanctuary on Earth: Optimus, Bumblebee, Ratchet, Ironhide, and Arcee, must band together to defend the planet with a little help from Autobot reinforcements who've arrived via Space Bridge. I've been thinking about the cast for a while and I think I might have a pretty solid one. I would like Michael Angarano from Sky High as Spike, Emma Stone from Zombieland and The Amazing Spider-Man as Carly, Logan Lerman from Percy Jackson and the Olympians as Chip, and finally, Hugh Jackman from the X-Men film series as Sparkplug. For voice cast, I would like Peter Cullen as Optimus, Neil Patrick Harris as Bumblebee, Keith Szrabajka as Ironhide, Fred Tatasciore as Ratchet, Grey DeLisle as Arcee, Hugo Weaving as Megatron, Frank Welker as Soundwave, Steve Blum as Starsceam, Corey Burton as Shockwave, and Tara Strong as Slipstream. Also, for a director, I'm thinking of either Justin Lin who directed Fast Five or Robert Zemeckis.

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