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Default Re: Danny Elfman Appreciation Thread!

Meet the Robinsons is 1 of 2 scores Elfman wrote in 2007. Which is the fifth straight kid/family movie Elfman scored in the last decade. This is also the second movie straight where Elfman scores a movie where one of the main character's name is Wilbur. Meet the Robinsons is an animated movie that deals with a young boy (Lewis) being taken to the future by a young stranger in a time machine. And he then meets the Robinsons. The plot gets more complicated especially as to why he was sent to the future and his connnection with the Robinsons. It's similar to the the first two Back to the Future movies in plot. The movie is very entertaining and the animation is first rate.

I thought Elfman's score worked well in the film. However the albuim is another story. The first half of the album are songs. The rest is Elfman's score. Close to 30 minutes of score I believe. Plus two bonus songs one of them performed by the Jonas Bros. The album overall is okay. And only one song stood out for me ("The Future Has Arrived").

I found Elfman's score, although decent, was nothing special. In fact kind of a let down. One of the themes is very similar to the corpse bride main theme. It almost felt like it was copy and pasted from the Corpse Bride score. Lewis' theme is similar to one of his themes from Elfman's Charlotte's Web score. Also I don't think the score was represented well on the album. It could've used a few more tracks. Despite all of that the score has it's moments.

"The Future Has Arrived" performed by The All-American Rejects and written by Danny Elfman, Nick Wheeler, and Tyson Ritter. I like this song not only b/c Elfman had a hand in it but the song actually has a purpose being made other money. It matches the film perfectly. Part of it's b/c the song uses one of Elfman's themes in the film as the music. The lyrics carry over from that theme. The best song on the album, imo. This is coming from someone who isn't familiar with The All-American Rejects.

"To The Future" is the song "The Future Has Arrived" is taken from. This cue is something that you'd expect from Elfman. Though not a bad thing. Easily the best cue on the album. It's very quirky, in the vein of his "The Simpsons" and "Mars Attacks" writing. It's also very compatible to the tone and style of the future in this movie. It's even very reminiscent to "The Jetsons" theme, which makes sense regarding the film.

"Pop Quiz And the Time Machine Montage" is another quirky track that's typical of Elfman, but a lot of fun if anything else. Again very similar to his "Mars Attacks' style. But it really fits the tone of the scene well. It also makes good use of the "To The Future " theme.

"Doris Has Her Day" is a dark and adventurous cue. That really shows the heroic side of Lewis' theme. As Lewis fights to save his family and stops Goob's or his device Doris (I believe. I've only seen the movie once) from taking over the future and the Robinsons. Checkout the nod to Don Davis' Sentinel motif from the Matrix trilogy at 2:36 -2:41. Or it could also be a nod to Alex North's music. But I think the actual scene had a sequence similar to the sentinels sequence in the Matrix movies. But I'm not sure of that, though.

"Setting Things Right" is a moving and warm track. That has Wilbur going back in the past looking for his real mother. As well as reuniting with the Robinsons. Elfman uses Lewis' theme with great effect. As well as the chorus. That pleasantly wraps up the score. And the easter egg at the end was cool too. And even in keeping with the film's message.

Overall I thought the score was decent but could've been better. The score really didn't show a side of Elfman that we haven't heard already. It's too familiar. The score really didn't push Elfman like it should've. Parts of the score felt like leftovers of his Corpse Bride and Charlotte's Web score. The cd also poorly represents the score. The cd could've used another 15 -20 minutes of Elfman's music. I could've done without the songs (excluding "The Future Has Arrived") which were nothing special, imo. Probably one of the few Elfman scores I'm not big fan of. Although it does has it moments.

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