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Default Re: Avengers Sequel ideas?

Originally Posted by GoldGoblin View Post
After seeing the Avengers cartoon,I want to see Ultron take on the Avengers.Ultron could get back up by hacking into Tony Stark's armory and control all of the suits.
Same here, I would love to see Ultron as the main villain in Avengers 2 with his need to "cleanse the earth of humanity" and his relationship with Pym being shown in full force. He's one of my favorite Avengers villains and his ability to take over the world through computers would be alot different than Loki's "massive army" approach.

I want Thanos to saved as the main villain for Avengers 3 because although I like Ultron more I still think Thanos poses the greatest threat therefore he should be saved for last.

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