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Default Re: The Joker sized elephant in the room

Originally Posted by ThePhantasm View Post
In BB we had hopes for a sequel with the Joker. In TDKR we will know that Heath is dead, that this is the last movie, etc. I think it would be too much of a bittersweet sad ending to have the Joker mentioned and would suck part of the impact away from Batman's victory in this final film.
Tell me your honest thoughts on this:

It's the end of the movie. Batman is faced with the finality of his mission (as we are with the trilogy) and it's as if the life of his career as Batman flashes before his eyes. Quick cuts of the people he's saved, helped, taken out, loved... cuts of Harvey, of Ra's, Rachel, among others, and finally, Joker himself (maybe with that shot even drawn out a little longer than the others) before fading back into the situation and realization Batman is in at the moment.

It would serve as a nod to everyone we've come to know and appreciate dearly in the trilogy, both the characters and beloved actors who portrayed them (and especially those who have passed on).

This movie is supposed to be the end of a journey. There will be sentimental thoughts involved as we view the final moments. Why not show them on film as well for a more powerful impact? In the case of the Joker, such a moment would be a nod to the character and a heartfelt thank you to Heath Ledger.

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