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Default Re: Deadpool Spin-off Confirmed - Part 1

LOL @ Change Up being Deadpool.

He's not a big star. He can't open a movie on his name alone. Lots of actors have heavy input on scripts and the writing process to things that don't end up materializing.

I'm just saying, if it means making the movie maybe with a better actor . . . why not do it?

To me its silly that the idea is that only Ryan Reynolds can only play Deadpool considering he was hardly even in Wolverine which was hardly even a legit take on Deadpool that most fans hated and were disappointed with. I still don't get why some fans are fixated on the idea that it has to be Ryan Reynolds. Reynolds has already moved on. If he were that committed to this project and character I think he would've done it by now. Instead he did Green Lantern and RIPD.

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