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Default Re: Catwoman/Batman sex in the comics

I stumbled into this section of the Bat-forums and saw this. Now granted, I haven't read the "New 52" at all, so maybe they're better than these excerpts I discover's just kind of trashy 13/14-year-old boy fantasy about these female characters. That's what I got.

The panel on the first page is bad not because there is sex. I am actually surprised so many are upset or outraged that Batman and Catwoman had sex. Their characters have danced around that for decades and it's more or less implied that it happened in Hush and probably other stories I haven't read. They just faded out a la Casablanca and all Hollywood films before the 1950s.

The problem was it was badly written drivel all about getting them together. Kind of like Spidey and Black Cat post-OMD. Their costumes are on the writing is like the lowest of fan fiction and it just screams exploitative drivel.

I just felt the need to comment on how bad the panel was but how intriguingly funny the reactions were as well.

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