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Default Re: Zack Snyder's Man of Steel Pt.2

Originally Posted by mclay18 View Post
MOS is sure going through a LOT of writers: first Goyer & Nolan's treatment, then Goyer's drafts and rewrites by Jonah Nolan, Kurt Johnstad and now the Mulroneys.

Hopefully this means the film will be solid and not a clusterf**k.
That's not an uncommon thing for these big movies.

It's the norm to have multiple writers take a stab. Some take broad-strokes going over the whole script or focusing on just the action, just the dialogue or literally just one scene. Before, during and after production. Certain actors have it in their deal their personal writer gets to punch up all their stuff such as Russell Crowe...on The Man of Steel.

Best example for reference is Kevin Smith telling his Die Hard 4 story (Since it has excessive swearing, I can't post the YouTube video or link to it here. AKA: don't anyone be smart-ass and throw it up anyway - just look it up yourself). He name-dropped himself, Len Wiseman, Bruce Willis, Skip Woods and William Wisher as having written it on set and there's only 2 writers "officially" listed as per the WGA. Neither of them the writers Smith mentioned.

There was also that recent stuff over X-Men: First Class and who did and didn't get credited. You know where all the "Erik Lensherr: Nazi Killer" stuff (widely regarded as the best part of the movie) came from? David Goyer's unmade Magneto script.

Elements from the unmade Superman Returns sequel, as written by Michael Dougherty and Bryan, are being used. So technically they're writers on The Man of Steel.

Not a good thing, not a bad thing. Meets with good results sometimes and bad results at others. Just the uncertainty and craziness of the movie-making process. It is what it is. Same exact thing as re-shoots. Just don't understand why people freak out every time a movie goes through additional photography after the fact or burns through writers.


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