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Default Re: Kick Ass 2 announcement coming soon

Originally Posted by Sith Scotti View Post
Kick Ass is a far better film than X Men . Maybe its better that Chloe has gotten a bit older . ... Her playing a junior or senior in High school could work better
I LOVED Kick-Ass, its an amazing movie, but its not better than X-Men: First Class, i'm sorry I couldnt agree there.

Originally Posted by Raiden View Post
I like Kick Ass alot, but I have to disagree; I think First Class is a better movie, and even Chloe Moretz (who I thought was the MVP of KA) wasn't as good as Fassbender in FC.
Agreed, again Kick-Ass is an amazing movie, but First Class was better, Vaughn just goes from strength to strength with each movie. In an ideal world, he could do KA2 and FC2 straight after seeing as its only just being written, we'll see though. Neither sequel is a sure thing at the moment.

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