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Default Re: Could Superman movies be realistic like the newer Batman films

I will accept nothing less than full integration of the full backdrop of the DC Universe, and all that is implied therein. I'm weary of the comics-genre films pretending that the main character is the only supernatural and/or superhero ever before in existence, whether by legal default (considering that other characters are linked to other producers or studios) or editorial whim.. Superman flies and is super-strong, etc., because the yellow sun allows kryptonians to do it. An ultra-scientific explanation along the lines of that ridiculous scientist rant near the end of the Matrix part 2 I really don't want to see..

science-realism is one thing...if some folks want social realism, they should pick up Grant Morrisson's Action Comics, which touches on the anti-alien paranoia that hasn't been seen in the Superman films yet.. there could be a Luthor-led whisper campaign warning of "kryptonian law" infiltrating America..

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