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Default Re: The Look of The Silver Samurai

Originally Posted by OsGom View Post
I think they should put him in a Yakuza style suit for the majority of the movie. White/Silver motif outfitted with his katana. However, when he get's down and dirty I hope they adapt the SS armor. I think him decked out and going toe to toe with Wolverine would be pretty epic.
I like the idea of incorporating the motif into a Yakuza style suit as his general attire for the bulk of the movie, but I agree the showdown should see him go to his family roots. hopefully some of the Hype's artists might come up with some design possibilities to modernize the suit into something of a high-tech evolution of the traditional suit of armor.

Originally Posted by gkokujin View Post
it would depend on the time period this is happening in.

they haven't exactly been great with continuity in these films.
I think it will be set present day as opposed to in Feudal Japan.

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