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Default Re: Catwoman/Batman sex in the comics

I wonder why we never see comic characters doing these little things like paying taxes? Do they even pay them? I bet supervillains are guilty of tax evasion.

We have seen comic characters in the bath before though. I remember seeing Mary Jane in a bubble bath, and She-Hulk was trying to shave her legs but kept breaking the razors (that's two separate incidents, not She-Hulk trying to shave MJ's legs!).

We haven't seen anyone sitting on the toilet though, especially not if they're constipated and finding it a real effort to get it out. I bet that would be a real delaying problem if say Catwoman needs to rush into action but she's sitting on his toilet bowl and it's just halfway there but not fully expunged. Does she wait to finish or just leap into the fray? She would have difficulty moving about properly though if she's having these stomach cramps and something is stuck halfway up her ass on the verge of being excreted. I suppose Catwoman would give the action a miss, given her morally ambiguous nature, but not someone like Batman who would feel he has a responsibility.

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