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Default Re: Defenders Of The Earth - The Movie...

Originally Posted by Airwings View Post
A dream cast that may never happen, but still... :
Flash Gordon - Zac Efron
I have to take a stand against this. Zac Effron? Flash Gordon-? FLASH GORDON?!

It's got to be someone older, and manlier. Flash Gordon is a classic man's man, not a feminised modern version of a man ala Twilight. Someone like Chris Hemsworth (but not actually him obviously.)

If he was a bit younger, and we're casting based on the original comic strips, I'd actually nominate Paul Bettany. Yeah, odd suggestion, but if you've seen Legion or Priest, he has the no-nonsense, methodical, ultra-confident heroism in spades. Something I haven't seen in an actor in a long time. He's not American or classically good looking, but he's a great, weighty actor and he could carry the movie.

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