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Default CHRIS Hemsworth is still hammering away at Thor glory.

Australian actor Chris Hemsworth up for BAFTA Award

The Aussie actor, whose action film was a massive box office success worldwide, is up for the British Film And Television Academy's rising star award, the entertainment news website Variety reports.

Also on the longlist for the award are Tom Hiddleston, Felicity Jones, Eddie Redmayne, Adam Deacon, Jessica Chastain, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris O'Dowd.

These eight will be whittled down to five on January 17. The winner, who will then be voted by the public, will be announced at the BAFTA ceremony on February 12.

In the past, the gong has gone to the contender who appears in the year's highest grossing film, thus putting Hemsworth among the favourites.

UK actors Simon Pegg and Sienna Miller were among with jury who put together the longlist.

Since taking on the title role in Thor, Hemsworth has packed on more than 9kg of muscle to become the rippled Norse god of thunder - and the new body requires constant protein to maintain it.

Hemsworth played the hammer-wielding Norse god Thor in the superhero movie from Marvel directed by Kenneth Branagh.

Cool news!

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