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Default Re: Batman Begins Best Origin Movie ever ?

Originally Posted by DarthDaveBanner View Post
Do watch it. The first 2 acts are absolutely perfect. The third is kind of formulaic but still pretty fun.
Originally Posted by CConn View Post
Honestly? It isn't anything special. It's no Raiders of the Lost Ark, or even The Dark Knight. As DDB said, the plot and characters can be very formulaic at times.

That said, for some reason it's just a ridiculously fun movie to watch. It does great justice to Cap, and there's just something about it that makes it extremely rewatchable.

Oh, and Tommy Lee is balls awesome in it.
Thanks for the comments.

I enjoyed Iron Man tremendously and it was what I call a 'fun movie.' I wouldn't mind anything close to that. I rate IM above BB any day of the week. I just haven 't seen anything Joe Johnstone's that's that good.

Thanks again.

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