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Default What could the return of the Timmverse Batman:TAS have to offer?

Certainly not meant to make it sound unwelcome in any way,shape or form but what stories and characters would you like for Bruce Timm and company use if they picked up where they left off?

A few things I'd like to see would be...

-Barbara Gordon becoming Oracle. I know that the JLU animated series was going to do a version of it with Black Canary and the Huntress in the episode but it was scrapped and I know that following too closely to the Killing Joke would never get pass the censors but it's still something I'd like for them to some how interpret.

-Black Mask.I believe he was considered but for whatever reason never used. IMO,the version on The Batman was handled pretty good btw.

-Dick Grayson as Batman. Without going into the whole Batman RIP arc,this could easily be written as a single shot episode.Professor Pyg could even be the central villain for the episode.

Hush. Re-worked somehow.

Harold. Another character who could easily be used in a one off episode.Even just a cameo at some point.

The Spoiler.Don't know all that much about her but she could be used for a Tim Drake centered episode featuring her father the Cluemaster (I think)

The International League of Batmen

The Riddler as a rival "reformed" detective

Damien Wayne and his relationship with his father Bruce and his grandfather Ra's Al Ghul

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