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Default Re: Batman Begins Best Origin Movie ever ?

Originally Posted by CConn View Post
Honestly, the biggest disappointment with BB for me was, strangely, the direction. The news of a new Batman movie and the BB script got me back into Batman and comics for the first time since I was 9, and when I read the script, I imagined this sweeping epic, with rich scenery and vast landscapes and incredibly cool action scenes. Honestly, I kind of imagined it to look like Inception or even The Dark Knight.

But Nolan hadn't developed his skill as a director at that point, and BB ended up looking a lot smaller-scale than I would have liked. The cinematography and general feel of the film was more akin to Nolan's low budget Insomnia than his later epics.

And it's really a shame, as I honestly believe BB if remade today (and of course rewritten by Jonathan Nolan) could be an incredibly expensive and epic film that would have people leaving the theater in awe like TDK did.
While IMO still easily the best adaptation or view of the origin of Batman comics or otherwise, and still a very ... very good movie, I agree. I do however think the scenery is pretty rich and had some vast landscapes at the start of the film, even in retrospect. We got the more broad, epic, sweeping view of Gotham City in The Dark Knight.

Goyer's stuff is kind of insulting at times, and Nolan hadn't hit his prime yet as a film maker. He was on the cusp of greatness, as was the film. As of now it's just an elite genre "comic book film" ... but it could've been more. The dialogue and nuances would've been much better if fine tuned by Jonah Nolan instead of Goyer. I wonder if Chris didn't feel confidant yet in his younger brother's abilities and didn't choose him to do it.

I also felt, you could've dove even more into the psychology of Bruce Wayne. Not that the film wasn't a total character piece, because it was, but I felt it could've been even more intimate and personal story about the creation of a urban vigilante, and ultimately ... hero.

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