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Default Re: Batman Begins Best Origin Movie ever ?

The Smallville scenes of Superman the Movie perfectly explain where Superman's morals come from and is the perfect build up for Superman's big reveal and quick progression to being the public's heroic phenomena.

Batman Begins loses major points for narrowing Batman's training to ninjitsu instead of a wide range of many crime fighting specialties since childhood like escape artistry, detective work, tracking, bomb disposal, etc. What makes Batman so good is the fact that he mastered these things as a teen while his peers were playing video games. Without showing the depth and reach of Bruce's training the audience doesn't understand why Batman is ready for every crime fighting situation and the ultimate crime fighter. To them he's just some ninja in a Batsuit. Unacceptable.

Spider-man feels kind of forced to me. It doesn't have the heart of the Smallville scenes in Superman the Movie.

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