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Default Re: Batman Begins Best Origin Movie ever ?

Originally Posted by Happy Jack View Post
I actually dig the intimacy that it has, especially in its first act which plays almost like an indie character study of Bruce Wayne. It's not something you see very often in films like these. But towards the end of the movie it does kind of devolves into a derivative popcorn flick, not entirely congruent with its beginning.
The script had that exact same intimacy, but in my mind's eye I always saw it presented in a much better way.

I thought I was just being a dick about it until I saw TDK, and then Inception. I'm not usually one to say my opinion is the unarguable truth, but as good as most of BB is, Christopher Nolan simply had not yet reached his full potential as a director at that point.

It's like a non-consecutive 24-hour dance party.
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