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Default Re: Batman Begins Best Origin Movie ever ?

Originally Posted by The Morningstar View Post
Batman seeming to find some pleasure out of Ra's death?
I must have missed that part ...

The only things remotely negative about Batman Begins is that a) it's 3rd act was rushed, and pigeon holed into the stupid genre limitations of comic book movies (TDK, shot that to hell though) b) the sprinkled in one liners, and cheesy dialogue from time to time: "nice coat", "excuse me", "take a seat ... have a drink" ... those are the worst of them c) Katie Holmes acting and d) the excessive use of the word fear

The rest is fantastic. Easily in the elite echelon of comic book movies. Whether you rate it as best, or among the best. You would be hard pressed to find someone that would deny, in their right minds, being one of the best of the genre. It's better scripted, more intelligent and has more pathos than any of the previous Batman movies ... and doesn't have one performance that screams HAMMY comic book shtick the way Returns, Forever, and Robin showed us. Katie Holmes isn't very good, but she's at the very least servicable in the film.

I personally would have kept it more intimate, maybe not have had Scarecrow ... maybe not even Ra's Al Ghul. But it needed to be an action movie too, so I see why they were in there. My idea of a Batman franchise would've seen the first movie be totally just about Batman taking on what he was originally intended to ... the mob, corrupt policemen, street level crime. And the sequels, after Batman's appearance in Gotham would deal with the emergence of the "freaks" and new level villains.

I mean, not that it dilutes the Joker in TDK, but having Scarecrow in BEGINS kind of defeats the purpose of Joker being the first evil spawned ispiration of the Batman. He's not a total freak in the film, he's twisted, but his motivations on monetary in nature ... but him being there I think could've been saved for a sequel.

But all in all, BEGINS is easily there with Iron Man (the narrative structure alone for Iron Man owes a lot to BEGINS what with the origin being told through flash backs, and it was cited by the director as being a MAJOR influence on his film), Superman:TM, Sam Raimi's whiny Spider-Man movie (featuring random Power Ranger villain) ... the performances from the actors alone in BEGINS spank the original Spider-Man movie.

As I said, BEGINS is a very, very good movie. Like it's director, just has a few flaws, and was right on the CUSP of true greatness. Nolan redeemed himself and capitalized FULLY on his next Batman movie, so all is forgiven.

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