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Default Re: Superman/Clark Kent/Kal-El Characterization - Part 1

I was just reading the last page and the whole Superman should feel bad/ Superman should laugh it off argument and I think Hopefulsuicide has got the right idea going on. In fact I think you have maybe have got one of the best insights into Superman on here. It's always good to see someone else who actually knows the character and knows what would and wouldn't be appropriate for him.

About the laughing thing... Superman isn't Metro Man, he isn't a caricature and he isn't a cartoon. He is a real life example of what could happen if a man was born on a different planet and was raised and a morally good person by his adoptive parents.

To me the whole thing should feel as real and 'realistic' as possible. That this is what would really happen if a Krytonian was on earth and was raised by good people. I would find Superman less easy to relate to if he didn't care at-all. If having the powers means getting one up on everyone else and he uses his status simply to scare people.

To me, I think the fear of who he is should be something that is always deep inside him but that he constantly tries to hide. That becoming Superman is one of the scariest things he could do, but also one of the most liberating.

I think if he found people were scared of him and wanted him gone he wouldn't go off to brood, he wouldn't start crying, he wouldn't laugh in their faces, he would be hurt inside but not let it show then he would continue to try and win over support.

That he shouldn't expect them to accept him straight away but he is willing to wait however long he has to before they accept him.

This has nothing to do with his sense of humor. He still has a good sense of humor, obviously. It's just his acceptance is quite a delicate subject to him.

Anyone can relate who has had something different about themselves and are afraid people won't accept who they are. You don't run off and cry if they don't, but you don't just stand there laughing either (I mean you might, it depends on who you are.) But Superman is a sincere person, he always has been the most sincere hero of all.

He just wants acceptance.

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