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Default Re: The Best, The Worst of Smallville

On the subject of my least favorite 5 episodes

1. Promise - see above

2. Exodus - while Promise is my least favorite if there was one episode that I could argue is worse it's this one. It just seems like the show threw out everything in this episode to try create "drama"(Jor-El being a dick, wedding, Helen is now evil, Chloe is a basket case, Martha's pregnancy). I think the only saving grace over Promise is if I break down the episode minute by minute I probably can find 5-6 minutes worth of stuff I find somewhat entertaining. I know alot of people consider Calling-Exile as some high point of the series, I personally find it the start of bad writing on the show and Exodus is the peak of that bad forced drama.

3. Reckoning - another episode that was just chalk full of bad writing to try create "drama"

4. Traveler - I don't think there is one episode that screams we(ie the producers/writers) can't give 2 craps about Clark Kent any more then this one. If the Clark being stuck in a cage for the bulk of the episode and needing to be saved wasn't bad enough, I was even more pissed that they didn't even allow him to save his cousin and revive her memories(that's something I would think the main hero of the show should do, especially since she is his blood relative). Whenever I watch this episode I just can't ignore how little interest the writers had writing for Clark around this period and it annoys me to no end.

5. Beast - I hated the whole Chloe/Davis crap from Season 8 and this episode was the pinnacle of that storyline. Honestly given how Doomsday ended up it would just have been better if Chloe kept her nose out of Clark's business and Clark shot Davis in the Phantom Zone. Once again another bad case of the writers trying to create bad drama for the sake of having drama

Originally Posted by Lord View Post
Was Requiem that bad?
I never really paid attencion but didn't Lex's death make it a big episode?
I think the whole fake Lex thing came off rather corny.

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