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Default Re: The Best, The Worst of Smallville

Originally Posted by hopefulsuicide View Post
There is a few episodes in your worst of list I like, but to this day I never understand the hate for this one. I guess since I never was totally enamored with Smallville's take of Lex, and episode showing him being a prick doesn't really bother me(although I do see complaints how the psycho female villain was rather misogynist of the producers, which had 0 effect on me). I give it bonus marks because I enjoy episodes where Clark is acting like a hero saving the problems of the day. I won't lie I am a huge Season 4 fan, I believe 19 episodes in S4 make my top 100.

In terms of my worst 40

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

1. Promise
2. Exodus


3. Reckoning
4. Traveler
5. Beast


6. Requiem
7. Power
8. Trespass
9. Exile


10. Eternal
11. Hidden
12. Veritas
13. Calling
14. Quest
15. Doomsday
16. Arrival
17. Relic
18. Solitude
19. Ageless
20. Infamous
21. Legacy
22. Abyss


23. Resurrection
24. Hero
25. Magnetic
26. Fever
27. Collateral
28. Prophecy
29. Noir
30. Sleeper
31. Nocturne
32. Oracle
33. Injustice
34. Supergirl


35. Velocity
36. Mercy
37. Crisis
38. Sacrifice
39. Pandora
40. Forsaken
41. Crush
42. Shimmer
43. Disciple
44. Roulette
45. Obscura
46. Beacon
47. Tomb
48. Static

Wherever there is a gap, that just means an episode that falls into that grouping could be placed anywhere within that grouping give or take a few episodes. Episode 35(Velocity) is the point that I mentioned above I start becoming neutral to episodes overall as opposed to having negative feelings. I would even say the episodes I have from 23-34 can be watchable despite a lot of flaws, it's 22 and above I take issues with the episode.

I think going by my list, many episodes that revolve around Jor-El(directly or even indirectly) get low marks in my book. Of my worst 22 episodes, 11 of them have some link to Jor-El in them and of those 11, I would say in 7 of them the use of Jor-El was my biggest beef of the episode. I would say the shows use of Jor-El(and the Fortress of Solitude by proxy) probably was one of the weakest points of the series(as I said many times before the producers of the show needed to grab a dictionary and look up the term Solitude for it's meaning)

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