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Default Re: Live-Action Rurouni Kenshin confirmed for 2012

Originally Posted by hippie_hunter View Post
Also, one of the customers at the comic book shop I go to works in the anime industry. He went into all sorts of detail on how poorly voice actors are, how ADV went under, how much work manga artists have to do with so little pay, and brought up that if the new Kenshin OVA does well, they'll look into going back to the anime to properly adapt the Jinchu arc.
Yeah it's pretty sad how the mangakas are treated by their publishers.


We already got two OVAs covering the Jinchu arc. While Trust and Betrayal was fantastic, Reflection was just far too depressing for something that should be light hearted. A new anime series is really the only way to properly do Jinchu.
The entire way it was handled was a bit haphazardly. They removed some of the best stuff from the Jinchuu arc just to condense the entire thing into the allocated time of the OVA. You're completely right that the only way that the arc can get proper treatment would be in a series format. I don't think it would be asking for much to have a 26 episode adaptation like Final Act.

I know I'll support the new OVA and the movie to show them that there is an interest in the series. I mean if there's a demand and people show interest I really think they should go for it.

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