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Default Re: Sigyn Goddess of Fidelity and Wife of Loki

I think the biggest thing here that I've noticed just doing cursory Google searches is that Sigyn from the Norse myths and Sigyn as presented in the Thor comics seem to be different takes on the same mythological figure. But I think the one thing that is shared is the fact that in spite of Loki abandoning her she still stays blindly loyal to him. I guess in the real world sense she's like that wife you know who stands by her man even when he's treating her pretty atrociously, breaking every marital promise he's ever made to her, like cheating on her and never being there for her when she needs him. You know, I feel kind of bad for a character like Sigyn because despite all the things she does for Loki she's not appreciated most of the time by him half as much as he should, but on the other hand she still chose her fate and still chooses not to do anything about it. Of course in the comics it is insinuated Sigyn is quite deceased, but you never know with Asgardians. She could very well be still around, but in a more astral manifestation.

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