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Default SMALLVILLE RETURNS! novel form

We can all agree that, despite some cool moments, the overall finale to Smallville was mixed and hardcore fans wishing it was more epic for a 10-year long series. Well, apparently there is a report concerning a return to Smallville, a sorta "Season 11", but in novel form much like Buffy Season 8 in comic book form, that will continue the stories and adventures of the Smallville universe after the events of the show's 10th and final season.

Bleeding Cool reports the following:
I understand that story editor and writer for the series, Bryan Q Miller, also recently of Batgirl until the DC Relaunch, is to write a new novel, telling the story of what happened to the Smallville cast after the end of the TV series, in continuity. A Smallville Season Eleven, if you will. With Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season Eight and Nine doing so well in comic book form, this seems a rather natural move.
The site is unsure if there will be more novels to follow or a comic book adaptation but expect an official announcement to shed some more light on the whole thing.

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