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Default Re: Sigyn Goddess of Fidelity and Wife of Loki

I agree .. the one thing that throws me off is that there is that one time where loki pleads with thor to save her I can see that moment of disperation in Loki. .... In the comics she does die, while everyone else is brought back to life.

Loki goes to her when he needs her to do something for him, and it would seem like she is naive in that she doesnt really know whats going on ... not realizing that is all part of Loki schemes.

I can see with her that dispite how Loki treats her, and how he leaves her that he would not want to see her harmed in some way .. maybe not of love but some sort of obligation because she is the only one who do stand by him... I think he does not know how to express affection to her but he keeps her in the dark about his plans...

its like she is the trophey wife and his one source of " kindness" he may not show it but I dont think he would not want to be without her ... I would love to see her make a comeback in the comics as a not so much a evil wife type she still be good natured ... but someone who is stronger and walks that fine line between loyalty to loki and asgard in general ..that would be interesting .

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