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Default Re: Did anyone see 1989's movie in theaters?

Originally Posted by ShaneHelms View Post
Why are we discussing the opinions of the Burton films when the topic is if anyone saw Batman 1989 in Theaters?
Every thread in the Misc. section becomes "Ethics: The great '89 Keaton Batman and Bale Batman debate".

Really, the misc. section should just become the 1989 Batman section, that's all that's discussed. Maybe make a separate misc. section.

The Dark Knight Rises (Spoilers)
Who will Batman face next time?

The Dark Knight Rises (Non-Spoilers)
A spoiler-free discussion about the next film.

The Dark Knight
Talk about the Batman Begins sequel.

Batman Begins
Talk about Warner Bros.' film on the Dark Knight

Batman 1989
Talk about the first film.

Misc. Batman Films
Talk about the past 3 feature films.

Got Batman stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else? Enter Bat-World...

The Comics
Chat about the comics universe.

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