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Default Re: SMALLVILLE RETURNS! novel form

Originally Posted by The Incredible Hulk View Post
were the old novels any good? I bought the comics but never the books, they always seemed to much like teen books.
The books were split into two territories: the adult, which were written by various comics and novel writers (Nancy Holder, Roger Stern, Alan Grant, Devin Grayson, etc.) and the kid's novels, which written by Suzan Colon, Cherie Bennett, and a number of others.

In certain instances, the kid's novels were written by some of the show staff. Much like the comic series.

Either way, the books were set during Season 1 through 3.

Preference-wise, I always enjoyed the adult novels. The first released "Strange Visitors" by Roger Stern pulled away from the standard Freak of the Week formula and dealt with the meteor impact on other people's lives. Easily, my favorite of the adult novels.

Freak of the Week-wise in the adult novels: "Dragon" comes off as an interesting excursion to say the least. Enough so, that Clark ends up making his own armor and fighting a Krypto-Dragon.

There were some interesting Clark and Lex back and fourths in the adult novels as well with "City".

In the kid's books, it's pretty much a miss. There's a condensed version of the pilot, a number of Freak of the Weeks, and of course, the standard Clark runs away from home plot. (The comics did this bit as well.) "Flight" stood out to me the most.

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