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Default Re: Did anyone see 1989's movie in theaters?

Originally Posted by Macphisto View Post
I was only nine so my local cinema wouldn't let me and my friend in to watch it. I sought solace by spending all my money on the Batman collector cards/candy at the newsagent around the corner.
Aw man, i would have went nuts, like, really genuinely upset if i had been too young to see the film in theatres back then. In the Uk they actually brought in a new rating '12', when Batman was released, so older kids could see it. If they hadn't, i would have been too young, as it would have been a '15'.
and concerning all the memoribilia...i have told this one before, but i'll tell it again, two of my pals and i skipped school one afternoon in 89, and my pal grabbed a whole rack of Batman magnets off the counter of a shop in the town centre. I always remember running through an alley and turning to see him falling on his arse holding the rack sof magnets, me and the other pal kept running thinking he would catch up, but he didn't.
I met him at his house that night though, and got a couple of magnets off him, a batmobile, a joker, and a batsymbol.

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