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Default Re: The Official Captain America: The First Avenger Review Thread! - Part 1

My Blu Ray arrived yesterday so tonight I finally saw the movie after unfortunately missing it at the cinema, and it was everything I hoped it would be.

It captured the oldschool pulp series feel of the era while being slick and modern in it's presentation. I thought the casting worked in every major role, Evans was great as Cap, Atwell got the balance right for Peggy making her strong but charming and compassionate. TLJ was on form, Weaving was superb as The Red Skull and I thought Stanley Tucci was very effective in his small but important part.

The story was a simple action adventure one and perfect for Cap's origin movie in my view, it was oldschool and pulpy and all the better for it. I also felt of the Marvel studios movies so far it had the best production values, the sets, costumes, cinematography and score were all top notch.

The film was well paced with the action spread out well and I felt it built to it's final set piece well by keeping the best for last, where a lot of movies blow their load in the middle. The pacing really allowed the Cap/Peggy relationship to develop to where the big and sad finale to the adventure really worked. I'd have liked a bit more Cap/Bucky screen time but what we got was enough to make the big moment just before Zola is captured, impactful.

The action set pieces were all good, not groundbreaking but it was nice to be able to see everything that was going on, especially in the fight scenes. The big chase just after the super soldier experiment, the train infiltration, the bike sequence and the aerial finale were all very enjoyable.

I'd say along with Spidey 1 & 2 and Iron Man, this is my favourite Marvel movie.


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