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Default Re: Superman/Clark Kent/Kal-El Characterization - Part 1

In my own opinion, it's my belief that in the interpretations that deal with Superman wanting to inspire hope amongst humanity with his actions, that he would be concerned at first if people were afraid of him...well the good people at, because how can a person inspire hope if people are constantly afraid of you due to your alien heritage?

And, if you put a modern and realistic take on it as well, you could say that this fear also stems from having grown up in his life feeling a bit alienated from people because of how no one else was like him.

It doesn't have to be played in a angst way at all.

I've said it many times that they could approach giving Superman's/Clark Kent's character inner but realistic struggles that doesn't involve him going all Peter Parker...Bruce Wayne like.

And you know what, the thing that still makes Superman great is that even if he were to be met with such harsh criticism from people..that wouldn't stop him from wanting to help people. Whether it be out in the open or doing it in super speed fashion, he'd still go out and help people if he thought he could make a difference because he has a good innate heart.

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