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Default Re: CHRIS Hemsworth is still hammering away at Thor glory.

Originally Posted by Odinson View Post
Welcome aboard, EtherMagic. As a long time fan of the character, it's great to see the movie attracting new fans.

I actually seen it twice at the theater, thats how much I loved this movie. I have not seen a movie twice since Terminator 2 back in 1991!!!

Whats funny, is I was telling my older brother (35) about how good the movie was, and all he kept doing was making fun of it. I invited him along with me to go see it, so he came.

The very first thing he told me when it was over was "Your right, that movie was Excellent!". Actually, just today in a text message he brought up Thor to me, I think he may be a bigger fan then me now! lol

My fiance loved the movie so much, that she went with me the second time to see it as-well (which I was shocked about!). When the Blue-Ray came out, me, my brother, and my fiance all Pre-ordered a copy.

Here's the messed up thing... The second time we went to go see Thor, which I believe was only the second week it was in Theaters, the listing showed a 7:30pm showing, but when we got to the theater, they canceled Thor for another movie (I beilieve it was Pirates), and only had the 10pm listing and were only showing Thor in one theater.

I'm not kidding when I say at-least 30 people walked out of that place. I stayed there along with my family and a few others to complain to management. They ended up giving everyone who complained Free tickets for whatever movie they wanted to see.

We ended up going back for the 10pm showing. But it makes me wonder how many other theaters shut down Thor to early in replace of this other movie, it could have made a lot more money.

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