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Default Re: SMALLVILLE RETURNS! novel form

Originally Posted by Prison Mike View Post
Yesterday I watched the Finale for the first time since it aired in May and I would love this new novel/comic series to pick up right after Clark unveiled himself to the world as Superman. There were so many questions left unanswered regarding everyone else. I would love to know what happened with Martha and her Senate position. Did she come back home or continue her career in politics? Did they sell the Kent farm or did Clark opt out at the last minute? Martha didn't want to sell the farm so I wonder if she decided to come back home and live there permanently? I want to see the continuation of Oliver and Chloe in Star City...the gang finding out about Tess' death...finding out that Lex's memories were erased...and lastly I want to see Perry and Jimmy starting their jobs at the DP.
I'd hope that Clark took Jonathans words to him in the finale ("Always hold on to Smallville") literally as well as metaphorically, and didn't sell the farm.

And I'd liked to have seen Martha come back at some stage, although I guess all this would achieve is bringing Smallville more into line with established Superman mythos. There's no real reason she couldn't just continue being a senator. In fact, that may have worked well if they chose to developed the budding romance which may have loomed between her and Perry White - it's more believable if Martha is working in Government and perhaps based in or near Metropolis, as opposed to being retired on a farm while he's a fulltime Newspaper Editor.

But yeah, I agree that I'd love to see just how the world reacted to Superman's first appearance in his 'official' costume (and not as the Blur).


- What happened to Oliver Queen? It was hinted that him and Chloe had a kid, but did he go on being Green Arrow, did he keep running Queen Industries, did they marry, etc....

- What happened between Clark & Lois that they decided to wait another 7 years before getting married?

- How did Perry become Editor at the DP?

- How did Lex progress to President, and what are Clark's thoughts on this knowing what he knows of Lex?

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