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Default Re: In Heath We Trust: A Ledgerbration: The TDK Joker Appreciation Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by redfirebird2008 View Post
Are you thinking of the "good evening ladies and gentlemen" line? There were three versions of it. One of them was higher pitched than the other two, but they chose not to use it in the film. I wish they did. Also, there is a clip of Joker telling Chechen, "This city is mine" and Ledger/Pfister really did a good job on that particular shot. I'll try to look it up. Wish they had included it in the movie.
I don't know, there were so many trailers, and they all had different takes. I would have to watch all of them again to pick the ones I'm talking about. Maybe I'll do it if I have some free time later this weekend?

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