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Default Re: What could the return of the Timmverse Batman:TAS have to offer?

Actually though it would be controversial I'd love to see timverse do an animated series based on Dick Grayson as Batman where Bruce is missing presumed dead (so it wouldn't contradict Batman Beyond) And Dick Would Become Batman and have to take on a new rogue gallery as well as some classic batman villains (which would be automaticall better then what we got in comic book form as far as i know there is no classic Dick as batman versus the Joker Scarecrow Bane etc) introducing new villians to the series like Nocturna, Dead Shot black Spider Hush etc.. plus the story of Damion coming into town I think there is a lot of material to work with and if done well could give even the classic animated series a run for its money. If i have time I'll come up with episodes I think could work.

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