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Default Smallville's influence in the comics, other DC media

Reviving this thread from the old forum as I always enjoyed seeing the items from the show that started showing up elsewhere in the comics/DC universe.

Was reading the description of the next DC Animated Feature coming out "Justice League: DOOM" based on The "Tower of Babel" storyline, and guess which former Teen Titan has been "aged up" with the rest of the JLA?

That's right, Cyborg.

Looks like it will extend beyond just this film too:

Mini-featurette – “Their Time Has Come: Cyborg and the DC Universe’s New Diversity” – 2011 will go down in DC Comics storied history as a year when a rich diversity of characters were re-introduced into the spotlight alongside Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. One of the most celebrated of the re-imagined characters is Cyborg, who became the new Man of Steel in Geoff Johns’ altered universe storyline, Flashpoint.

Superheroes: Serious Business!

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