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Default Re: The Video Game Thread

Yeah, making a good superman game is hard. The things that make Batman great: stealth, martial arts combat, gadgets - have been done well in video games many times, and all Arkham Asylum had to do was pull those things together and polish it till it shone, and add in detective work, which they didn't do incredibly well, but it works. They're still trying to tweak it so it's not abused, because no one knows what to aim for exactly to make it both useful and fun.

The things that make Superman great: being crazy powerful and ultra inspirational... they haven't been done in games as much, much less at the same time. Most crazy powerful set piece things are handled by Quick Time Events in Kratos' games or elsewhere. Maybe borrow Hulk's destructible environments, but knocking bricks off buildings doesn't quite 'do it' when Superman knocks Metallo into a wall. Even flying is hit or miss, and Batman Arkham City of all things is one of the first games to make it fun, but even then the controls are obstructive.

And how do you show a character as being inspirational? Being a hero? For all the superhero games, very few have actually involved saving people. Spider-Man 2 did some of this, in a limited fashion, I supposed, but it wasn't always very fun, as carrying things, even people in need of saving, to be challenging, usually limits your character's actions in some way, and logically it should. Even with that, how do you drive home the fact that this character is inspiring? Someone to look up to in a video game full of NPCs?

So not only are the pieces a bit sketchy, but no one's put that all together. It's doable, but it's a long hill to climb, my friends, and there's not many who are going to sign up to climb it.

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