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Default Re: The "Nolan's views on Batman villains" thread

I think Nolan is much more mindful of the source-material than that. If anything, him choosing The Joker had more to do with that damned clown being "The Greatest" of them all, not necessarily the culmination of them all.

I mean, this is the same guy who's used... Scarecrow, Ra's Al Ghul, Henri Ducard, The Roman Falcone, Maroni, Zsaz, Two-Face, and Catwoman before moving onto Bane.

I loved that last interview where Nolan was talking about these villains having some sort of "archetype". It made me glad and sad at the same time -- on one hand with Bane we have someone who doesn't fall into the same ground as any other bad-guy from the gallery, but on the other... because he mentions archetypes... I just want to see his interpretations of every one else. But that's pushing it.

I'm glad we see Selina Kyle though. You can't have a Batman trilogy without mentioning Catwoman!


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