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Default Re: The Natalie Portman/Jane Foster Thread

Originally Posted by batdude View Post
Oh, I wouldn't put it past Marvel to sue. I just question if we really need Portman or just another hot babe for the Enchantess. Is Kat Dennings obligated to return too?
What? Seriously people, what? The sexist crap is just mounting. Women aren't interchangible for your gratification

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Again, that's where I respectfully disagree.
While writers like JMS have certainly got great mileage out of pushing the story entirely into Asgard and the Nine Realms, it's still an inescapable fact that Thor is a *superhero* and not a *fantasy* hero. That has always kept the character firmly rooted on Earth, in every decade. When you distance him from Earth and humanity, you distance him from his audience. It's harder for GAs to care about what goes on in other realms/dimensions, when the hero is supposed to be a superhero and Avenger who is a protector of mankind.
That is how I see it too. Distancing him from Earth as always been a problem with writers at Marvel. They really don't want to write the Thor Stan created they want to do Lord of the Rings or something. Every few years you get a writer who reminds everyone what Thor is meant to be like Gerry Conway, Dan Jurgens and JMS.

Even the writers who want to embrace the godly aspect of Thor only seem to concentrate on the physical. He's god of Thunder and god of Strength so Thor is always tested by power. Thor is also god of healing and his mortal form is a Doctor, but that doesnt seem to count because its too normal and requires writing Thor with a brain and they can't have that. He is the son of Earth, protector of the common man and dies defeating the Midgard Serpent but he's hardly ever written with any investment in Earth these days, its always Asgardian power struggles, Asgardian conspiracies and monsters from other realms attacking Asgard.


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