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Default Re: Official X-FORCE Discussion Thread - Part 1

Honestly, if Remender doesn't get Uncanny X-Men when Gage is done with it it'll be a crime. He's the best writer the X-titles have had since Lobdell left in my opinion. His run has had more substance and depth than Whedon's Astonishing had. He's playing with an epic storyline with sacrifices and mix ups without stepping on the toes of the characters and ticking people (well, me) off, unlike Morrison's New X-Men run. And unlike those two, he's actually doing it with lower end characters (save Wolverine, who is honestly not even the star of the book).

I knew there was something special about him when I read his End League from Dark Horse. It wasn't a fantastic story but I could tell it could have been if played out fully (and even then, I did like the plot). It was just sort of wrapped up quickly and the art wasn't the best (initially, the second artist was better). He's showing here, and in Venom, and likely in Secret Avengers, that he's A-List material. I've never read Fear Agent or Frankencastle but I'm getting a hankering to.

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